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Generator Services

Ammson Facility Management Serviceshave experience maintaining complex and interlinked systems that are essential to the day-to-day running of a business or service. An uninterruptible power supply, with or without a generator, is typically the backbone of power cut damage limitation for safety-critical systems and business-critical computing. Ammson FMSengineers will perform regular checks to make sure your safety net has no holes.

Whether you are troubleshooting standard power outages, ensuring invaluable power is quickly restored after a gale in a grocery store or hospital, establishing a periodic maintenance plan, or swiftly increasing the size of your team to tackle full-scale emergency situations.


As business needs shift and technologies develop, generator systems may become outdated and useless for purpose without ever being used. Working within the limitations of your existing set up, we’re often able to expand, replace or upgrade generator systems to ensure that your business has the emergency cover it needs to protect that computer servers, manufacturing machines, medical kit and other business critical services can either continue running without power or be shut down safely.