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Mosquito Control

To provide temporary and permanent control methods for the abatement of adult biting mosquitoes. Ammson FMS integrated pest management system incorporates source reduction, surveillance, identification, adulticiding, larviciding and education. Mosquito Control has a phone hotline, with which county residents can report mosquito problems and ask for help locating and eliminating mosquito breeding areas on their property. If Mosquito Control inspectors find a potential breeding source, the property owner is given advice on personal protection and elimination of the breeding source.

Ammson FMS goal is to protect public health from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Our prevention and control strategies and methods are based on sound science.

Mosquito team will kill and repel thousands of mosquitoes as well as other insects and pests. Our customers will enjoy the cool evening breeze for hours on end without having to worry about those annoying mosquitoes feasting on their skin.